Luc du Lac (warholswhore) wrote,
Luc du Lac

Sweet Dreams are Made of These:

Ok, so I've been having really weird dreams lately. Yesterday was haunted by a dream that took place somewhere really impressive in Europe like Paris or Prauge or Venice, and I was watching an educational video or something. I don't remember most of it, but at the end I was on the phone with my Aunt and she was about to say something really important, and then I woke up. It made me very concious of the act of talking on the phone and what a weird image that is.

Then, last night, I had a dream that pretty much everyone I know was over at Peter Woods's house, but so was Grover, as in the Grover from Sesame Street. But he was a child molester who was trying to fuck or kill all of us by luring us into a room! It wasn't quite clear what or why he was going to do, but it was pretty scary. Remember, this is Grover, the lovable blue muppet. Also, Peter had a huge golden retriever who was in league with Grover, but he could talk and I managed to convince the dog to help us instead. The dog was really nice. I also remember talking to people I usually don't and having good conversations. How odd.

Yours soporifically,
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